Blue Mtns. Now

In 2019, the Oregon Legislative Assembly passed SB 394, authorizing translator districts to broadcast their own local TV channels. BMTD planned to launch a noncommercial TV station in Q3 2020, but we accelerated plans to launch in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 National Emergency. The local channel is broadcast over the air on Channel 16-4 in northeast Oregon and 47-4 in Portland in partnership with Sinclair Broadcast Group. BMTD’s channel is also be streamed online at

BMTD prioritizes broadcasting government meetings, public safety announcements, and educational content serving Baker and Union Counties. Follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Read the Strategic Plan.

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Local Governments

BMTD is a one-stop-shop to facilitate remote meetings for local governments in northeast Oregon. We can provide counties, cities, school boards, and special districts with the following:

  • Video Chat for agency officials
  • Screen Sharing for meeting materials
  • Phone Number for public participation
  • Livestreaming at, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Broadcast over the air on Channel 16-4 (Reaches community members with limited or no broadband access)
  • Live public safety alerting for community members


BMTD is a nonprofit local government special district primarily supported by annual $100 service charges for watching antenna TV. BMTD’s local channel is a noncommercial TV station. Donations and underwriting to support BMTD’s channel will ensure that our station serves our entire community during the COVID-19 National Emergency. Donors and underwriters of BMTD’s local channel may receive recognition in accordance with FCC rules for noncommercial stations. Sponsor recognition media can be made by video production services in La Grande, including Brent Clapp Productions and Elkhorn Media Group. Local graphic design services include the La Grande Observer.


BMTD has access to a large catalog of syndicated educational TV shows as a noncommercial broadcasters. BMTD will work with school districts and other education partners to enrich K-12 and collegiate learning.

Local Programming

Have a podcast? Web show? Vlog? BMTD will partner with local content creators to broadcast, stream, and syndicate locally-produced content.