Public Notice


Now easily see what is going on in the Blue Mountain Translator District!  We’ve just added our meeting minutes and agendas for you to follow our work.  We also invite you to attend a meeting and get involved. All of our meetings are open to the public.  Watch here and on our Facebook page for upcoming meetings and events.  If you require any other minutes/agendas dates just let us know.


Blue Mountain Translator District is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Directors are elected and must reside within the district boundaries, or pay the service charge.  Current board members are President Tim Wallender (La Grande rural), Scot Butner (La Grande city), Andrew “Drew” White and Randy McKone.  We thank them for their service to the district.  Anyone registered to vote in District boundaries or who pays the service charge is welcome to serve in any of the five board seats, contact us if you are interested.



Notice to customers – Oregon Trail Electric has informed us that Thursday October 21st there will be a schedule power outage from 7 am to 5 pm on Beaver Mountain. OTEC crews will be converting overhead lines to underground lines. We appreciate your patience during this period of time.

              Monthly Board Meeting        

                    Tuesday November 9th – 12:00 PM  

 2307 Adams Ave      La Grande, OR  9785

Call in number (305) 848-8888; press 1; then 777-910-7800


2019-2020 Budget * Simple 2019-2020 Supplemental Budget 3/23/20

2020-2021 Budget * 5/25 Budget Committee Video Recording * 5/25/20 Budget Committee Minutes * Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing (Posted 12/30/20, Revised 1/8/21) * Simplified Supplemental Budget (Adopted 1/12/21)

2021 Agendas & Meeting Minutes

1/12/21 Board Packet * Oregon Wireless Revisions * Audit Report * Letter to Governance * Management Letter * Action Plan * SRE * Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing * Audio RecordingMinutes

1/27/21 Board Packet * Meeting Recording * Minutes

2/9/21 Board Packet * Oregon Wireless Revisions * Executive Director Job Description * Audio Recording * Finance Report * Minutes

3/2/21 Agenda * Special Meeting Minutes

3/12/2021 Agenda * Minutes

4/13/2021 Agenda * Minutes

5/8/2021 BMTD Budget Meeting Agenda * Minutes * 3-Year Budget Analysis

5/11/2021 Meeting Agenda

2020 Agendas & Meeting Minutes

1/10/20 Agenda * Board Packet * Finance ReportMinutesPresentation Slides

1/28/20 Agenda * Board Packet * Minutes * Presentation Slides

2/20/20 Agenda * Board Packet * Finance Report * Local Channel Strategic Plan Draft * RFP 2020-1 Draft * RFP 2020-2 Draft * Minutes

3/10/20 Board Packet * Finance Report * Minutes

3/20/30 Emergency Meeting Agenda * Minutes

3/23/20 Agenda * Board Packet * TelVue Contract Proposal * Notice of Supplemental Budget Hearing * Audio Recording * Minutes

4/7/20 Board Packet * Proposed RFP Template * Video Recording * Minutes

4/16/20 Special Meeting Board Packet * Video Recording * Minutes

5/20/20 Regular Meeting Board Packet * Finance Report * Video Recording * Minutes

6/16/20 Board Packet * Finance ReportProposed RFP Template * OEM Contract * DAS Grant Agreement 1147 * Video Recording * Minutes

7/7/20 Board Packet * Finance Report * Video Recording * Minutes

8/4/2020 Board Packet * RFP 2020-4 * SDAO Support Federal Special Districts Bill for COVID-19 Relief * NSDC Fact Sheet Special Districts Provide Essential Services Act * Engineering Invoice * Video Recording * Finance Report * Minutes

9/1/2020 Board Packet * Amended CRF Agreement 1147 * BOD Applicant Resume * Minutes

9/12/2020 Meeting Materials * Minutes * Video Recording

10/16/20 Board Packet * TitanTV Guide Contract * Oregon Wireless Contract * Finance Report * Engineering Invoice * Engineering Quote * Minutes

10/31/20 Special Meeting Board Packet * Video Recording * Minutes

11/10/20 Regular Meeting Board Packet * Finance Report * Minutes

12/8/20 Regular Meeting Board Packet * Finance Report * Provisional MinutesAudio Recording

District Bylaws and Board Policies

BMTD Bylaws (Revised 4/7/20)

Board Policies Regarding Contracts and Competitive Bidding

Board Policies Regarding Finances

Board Policies Regarding Loss Control

Board Policies Regarding Public Meetings

Board Policies Regarding Public Records

Board Policies Regarding Service Charges for Properties Entirely Surrounded by the District

Board Policies Regarding Statements, Exemption Forms, Updates, and Tax Lists for Properties Located Within the Boundaries of the Blue Mountain Translator District

Board Policies Regarding Prevention of Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Resolution 2020-3: Creating a Noncommercial TV Station

Authorizing Statues (ORS 354.605-354.715)