Channel Guide

BMTD broadcasts from three sites in the Union County and Baker Valley area.  Mt Fanny, over the town of Cove is our main broadcast site.  Mt Harris east of Imbler and Beaver Mountain south of Baker City also broadcast most channels.

An outdoor UHF antenna will provide the best reception.  A separate pre-amp may be needed depending upon your location. Visit to learn more about the equipment needed for your location!



This is the most common type.  We have a small inventory in our offices or we have names of independent contractors that can completely install and set up for you.  Contact us for more information.  Remember all who use the signal are obligated by Oregon Revised Statute ORS 354.690 1) When a district broadcasts television signals through a translator on a regular basis and any property within the district receives those signals, the owner of the property receiving the signal shall be liable to the district for the service charges.  The charge may be paid by a tenant who is using the signal rather than the property owner.

Antenna Installation Services:

La Grande Stereo and Music (Union & Baker Counties) (541) 963-5933

Gus McIntosh (Union County) (541) 561-3819

Dish Network (You read that right, Dish network will install HDTV antennas to view BMTD signals) (800) 333-3474

Below are the locations of our transmitters:

Elgin, Oregon to Mr. Harris

Baker City, Oregon to Beaver Mountain

La Grande, Oregon to Mt. Fanny to Union, Oregon

Signal and Channel Listing