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Now easily see what is going on in the Blue Mountain Translator District!  We’ve just added our meeting minutes and agendas for you to follow our work.  We also invite you to attend a meeting and get involved. All of our meetings are open to the public.  Watch here and on our Facebook page for upcoming meetings and events.  If you require any other minutes/agendas dates just let us know.


Blue Mountain Translator District is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Directors are elected and must reside within the district boundaries.  Current board members are President Tim Wallender (La Grande), April Simpson (Summerville), and Christina Wood (Baker City).  We thank them for their service to the district.  Anyone is welcome to become a board director, email us if you are interested. The District’s administrator is the Secretary/Treasurer, Alex McHaddad.

Tim   17228

President Tim Wallender                    Director April Simpson              


Secretary/Treasurer Alex



lb-1 for 16-17 for our LB-1 budget for Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Budget-July-2017-June-2018 for our budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 * Inter-Fund Transfer Resolution for Fiscal Year 2017-2018

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2018 Agendas & Meeting Minutes

1_9_18_Agenda_(1_Page) * 1_9_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_01_09_2018

2_6_18_Agenda_(1_Page)2_6_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_02_06_2018

2_23_18_Agenda_(1_Page) * 2_23_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Special_Meeting_Minutes_02_23_2018

3_6_18_Agenda_(1_Page) * 3_6_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_03_06_2918

4_5_18_Agenda_(1_Page) * 4_5_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Provisional_Minutes_04_05_18

5_23_18_Agenda_(1_Page) * 5_23_18_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Provisional_Minutes_05_23_18

5_23_18_Budget_Committee_Agenda * 5_23_18_Budget_Committee_Packet (FULL_WITHOUT_WORKSHEETS) * Budget_Committee_Regular_meeting_Provisional_Minutes_05_23_18

6_12_18_Agenda_and_LB-1_(3_Pages) * 6_12_18_Board_Packet_(Full) * 6_25_18_BMTD_Regular_Meeting_and_Bugdt_Hearing_Provisional_Minutes LB-20_New * LB-30_New * LB-31_New * LB-50_Baker * LB-50_Union

7_10_18_Agenda * 7_10_18_Board_Packet_(Full)

2017 Agendas & Meeting Minutes

2_17_2017_Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_02_17_2017


4_4_2017_Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_04_04_2017

5_2_2017_Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_05_02_2017

6_20_2017_Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_06_20_2017

7_26_2017 Agenda * BMTD_Special_Meeting_Minutes_07_26_2017

8_9_2017 Agenda and Board Packet * BMTD_Special_Meeting_Minutes_08_09_2017

9_5_2017_Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_09_05_2017

10_12_2017 Agenda * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_10_12_2017

11_7_17 Agenda (1 page) * 11_7_17_Board_Packet_(FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_11_07_2017

12_8_17 Agenda (1 Page) * 12_8_17 Board Packet (FULL) * BMTD_Regular_Meeting_Minutes_12_08_2017

District Bylaws and Board Policies

BMTD Bylaws

Board Policies Regarding Finances

Board Policies Regarding Loss Control

Board Policies Regarding Service Charge Fees for Property Entirely Surrounded by the District

Board Policies Regarding Statements, Exemption Forms, Updates, and Tax Lists for Properties Located Within the Boundaries of the Blue Mountain Translator District

Resolution Adopting District Compliance with Public Meeting and Records Law

Authorizing Statues (ORS 354.605-354.990)