Why did I get a letter from BMTD?

Blue Mountain Translator District is a local government special district that manages a portfolio of regional telecommunications assets, primarily TV translators. If you received a letter from BMTD, your property is in district boundaries, or located in a city where we have verified the presence of a TV antenna. Payment of the $100 service charge is mandatory for anyone who uses an antenna to view network TV signals delivered from Boise and Portland. If you do not use an antenna, we are happy to walk you through the exemption process. All property owners have 12 months to respond, and a 2nd notice will be sent in February if payment or an exemption request is not received by January 2021. If BMTD does not receive the liability notice with a payment or exemption request by May 31, 2021, the $100 charge can be enrolled on the property taxes of certain properties in the fall of 2021. Please be courteous to staff when contacting the office.

Welcome to BMTD!

Blue Mountain Translator District is a local government special district that operates the TV relays in Baker and Union Counties, bringing content over-the-air from Boise and Portland to be viewed from an antenna. As a non-taxing district, BMTD is funded by service charges and permits property-owners to opt out of payment by returning a written exemption request with the liability notice mailed annually. These service charges support the administration, equipment and maintenance to operate these towers. We now offer up to 26 HD channels including the major networks, ABC, CBS, Fox, The CW, MyNetworkTV, and NBC (Portland AND Boise!). The annual fee for receiving and utilizing the television signal is only $100.00 payable between June-May each year.  It’s an amazing service versus the high costs of satellite and cable TV, saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   MISSION STATEMENT  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the air and on the ground, Blue Mountain Translator District is committed to delivering the best antenna television to our members.  We set out in 1978, as a non-profit government municipal special district, to bring signals and rebroadcast to Baker and Union Counties.  Today we continue these efforts, are committed, and recognize the needs of Eastern Oregon. Your financial support of the District will continue to deliver HD TV at an affordable price.

We appreciate your support as we continue to deliver over the air television to Baker and Union Counties.