Why did I get a letter from BMTD?

Blue Mountain Translator District is a local government special district that operates the TV relays in Baker and Union Counties, bringing content over-the-air from Boise and Portland to be viewed from an antenna. Every year, BMTD sends service charge liability notices to the owners of all properties in the district where the signal can be viewed (boundaries were drawn between 1978-1981 to include rural properties in range of signals), and properties in cities verified to have an antenna. All property owners or tenants who view BMTD signals between June 1, 2019-May 31, 2020 are liable for the full $100 service charge; property owners who do not view BMTD signals may request an exemption. If a signed payment or exemption request is not returned to BMTD by January 15, 2020, BMTD will send a second notice. If neither notice is returned with a payment or exemption request by May 31, 2020, the charge will be placed on certain property tax statements in fall 2020 in accordance with provisions of ORS 354.690.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   MISSION STATEMENT  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

In the air and on the ground, Blue Mountain Translator District is committed to delivering the best antenna television to our members.  We set out in 1978, as a non-profit government municipal special district, to bring signals and rebroadcast to Baker and Union Counties.  Today we continue these efforts, are committed, and recognize the needs of Eastern Oregon. Your financial support of the District will continue to deliver HD TV at an affordable price.

Welcome to Blue Mountain Translator District

We appreciate your support as we continue to deliver over the air television to Union County and Baker  Valley.

Blue Mountain Translator District is a Non-Profit government municipality serving Union and Baker Counties with over the air television access since 1978. Translator towers located on Mt Fanny, Mt Harris and Beaver Mountain.  The fees collected support the administration, equipment and maintenance to operate these towers. We now offer over 20 HD channels including the major networks, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. The annual fee for receiving and utilizing the television signal is only $100.00 payable in July each year.  It’s an amazing service versus the high costs of satellite and cable TV, saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

Oregon Law ORS 354.690 mandates that whomever owns or rents residential property in Baker and Union counties and receives and uses the “over the air” television signals from any of the 3 translators is required to pay the annual $100.00

Annual billings for the district are mailed every June, and reminder letters are mailed every February.  Residents within the service districts are sent an annual billing with and option to advise us you do not use the signal.  Residents within Baker and La Grande city limits who choose to use the signal will be added our database.  We appreciate your support.  Please contact us with any questions you may have.

What TV shows will I get?

Let’s look at all the TV shows you’re going to get with your Blue Mountain Translator District Air TV signal.

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     View CW Shows             View AntennaTV Shows               View PBS Shows

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